Handy Melt Furnace – Manual

25 Aug 2015
Paras Parmar

Here is the Light Weight Compact Electric Furnace that Permits the User To Melt Up to 1 KG Gold  ,with a simple flick of the switch .

The Sunbim Energy Regulator serves to maintain metal temperature at desired value by switching on-off itself, thereby assuring the user to consistent results in successive melts & Facilitates Easy Control over Furnace Operation.

When Ready to Pour the Liquefied Metal, Entire Furnace Is Hand Lifted by means of the cool insulated handle and contents emptied into any receiving medium.

A Graphite Crucible provides a beneficial reducing atmosphere and eliminates Undesirable oxidation of metal during melting. “Handy – Melt” Eliminates Uncertainties encountered in uncontrolled Gas Furnace or Gas Torch Melting.

No Heat, Gases or other Inconveniences experienced in Electric Melting. 

Handy Melt Furnace is Equipped with:

  • Sunbim Energy Regulator
  • Pyrometer
  • Pilot Light (LED)

Technical Specification:

MODEL  TICO / Handy Melt
Capacity (Gold)  1 Kg
Maximum Temperature  1200°C / 2192°F
Required Supply ‘V’  230
Power Consumption ‘W’  1000
Phase  Single
Weight  3.5 kg
Dimension (L x W x H)  4¾” x 8” x 8”
Crucible Size (OD X H) 2½” x 5”