Italy Type Melting Furnace (Round Model)

25 Aug 2015
Paras Parmar

Italy Type Melting Furnace (Round Model) The Automatic Series is equipped with Microprocessor Based Digital PID Temperature Controller. The Controller Facilitates with temperature setting in °C. The Temperature you set will be held in permanent memory until you reset it. Most importantly, the Controllers are designed to eliminate temperature overshoot.

Groove in crucible lip makes it easy to remove crucible from melter with special tongs (included) & Both Units features a bright LED Digital Readout in °C & an On-off Switch.

Technical Specifications : 

Capacity (Gold) 1 Kg 2 Kg
Maximum Temperature 1200°C / 2192°F 1200°C / 2192°F
Chamber Size (ID x H) 3” x 4½” 3” x 6”
Required Supply V 230 V 230V
Power Consumption 1000 watts 1300 watts
Phase Single Single
Weight 5.9 kg 6.1 kg
Dimension (L x W x H) 9” x 9” x 17½” 9” x 9” x 17½
Crucible Size (OD X H) 2½” x 5” 3” x 6½”