Vacuum Casting Machine (2 In 1)

26 Aug 2015
Paras Parmar


This Versatile unit allows you to invest your flasks under vacuum on the left side of the machine and Vacuum Cast both Perforated and Standard Flasks on the Right Side. When the Control Handle is turned to ‘left’. The powerful vacuum pump (included) pulls air bubbles from the investment under a bell jar. Turning the Control Handle to ‘Right” redirects the vacuum on Casting Side.The use of Perforated Flasks in the casting chamber allows vacuum to be pulled from both the bottom and sides of the flasks assuring a complete fill and denser castings.

Heavy Duty Vacuum Investment & Casting Machine is Equipped with:

  • Pyrometer
  • ½” HP motor
  • On/Off Switch
  • Air Valve

Technical Specification :

Required Supply ‘V’ 230
Power Consumption ‘w’ 390 Watt (motor)
Phase Single
Weight 80 kg
Dimension (L x W x H) 16” x 30” x 39”